What Is a Chiropractor?

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November 20, 2017
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We’ve all heard of chiropractors, those professionals whose sole purpose in life, according to the uninitiated, is to produce a satisfying crack from your back. Their practices mean so much more to those who need their services, which actually focuses on diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders through adjustments of the spine. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Denver to aid you with conditions like these, contact Dr. Bryan Foss, D.C. for an appointment today.

What Are A Chiropractor’s Treatment Goals?

Ultimately a chiropractor’s ultimate goal is aid in the reduction of pain and improve function in their patients while providing education on exercise, ergonomics and partner therapies that will aid in this process. Their practice stands on the belief that a spine that is out of alignment can cause biomechanical consequences on the nervous system, and so their goal is to manipulate the spine back into a natural configuration resulting in improved mobility and reduction of irritation to the nerves and reflexes.

What Kind Of Conditions Do Chiropractors Treat?

The primary concern of a chiropractor are neuromusculoskeletal disorders, but that isn’t the only area their practice focuses on. Chiropractors often work with other specialists to treat spine conditions that result in lower back pain, among others. Their non-surgical specialties include:

  • Sciatica Pain (Lower Back/Leg Pain)
  • Cervical Pain (Neck)
  • Strains From Repetitive Motion
  • Headaches
  • Injuries from Sports and Car Accidents
  • Pain from Arthritis

Dr. Bryan Foss, D.C. stands among the best Denver chiropractors as a respected source for treatment for conditions like these. Don’t let these conditions continue to affect your life when a solution may be available, contact his office today for an appointment!

What Should I Expect From My First Visit?

During your first visit, you’ll discuss your current health with the chiropractor and the concerns you came to see them about. Occasionally this is done over the phone, and when you come in you’ll get straight to the clinical exam. During the exam, the following will be covered:

  • Patient History – Origins of your pain and its location, a description of the pain (sharp, throbbing, intermittent or constant), if it started as the result of an injury and what aggravates or soothes it.
  • Chiropractic Exam – A physical exam where range of motion will be tested, muscle tone and strength, and neurological integrity.
  • Diagnostic Studies – These include X-rays, MRI’s, and a variety of other laboratory tests which the chiropractor may choose to include. Some chiropractic clinics can provide x-rays, other tests will have to be referred out.

What Provides An Exceptional Chiropractic Experience?

Like all professions, there are things that set a chiropractor apart from his competitors and create a positive patient experience. Your chiropractor should be friendly and courteous, and set the patient at ease during the meeting while answering all their questions fully. They should listen to your full explanation of your concerns without interruption. The best Denver chiropractors all stand by these practices.


If you’re experiencing any form of pain or muscle aches that may result from spinal abnormalities or variances from proper alignment, it’s time to contact a chiropractor. Many of the conditions they treat can become worse over time if left unchecked, resulting in worsening or in some cases permanent spinal and nerve damage. Start on the road to good chiropractic health with Denver chiropractor Dr. Bryan Foss, D.C. by calling for an initial consultation today!