Alleviating and Preventing Back Pain Through Exercise

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January 23, 2017
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February 3, 2017

People naturally assume the immediate remedy for back pain is to reduce their level of activity. Dr. Bryan Foss, D.C. suggests establishing a regular exercise routine for anyone who has chronic back pain. Back pain can be cumbersome if people do not incorporate an exercise regimen into their lifestyle. More than 50% of Americans have recurring episodes of back pain and choose to deal with the condition on their own versus seeking medical intervention. The self-diagnosis and treatment of back pain can actually exacerbate the condition.

Different People Different Pain

It is important to understand that not all back pain is the same. Some people experience lower back pain while others experience pain in the upper and middle regions of their backs. It is important for people to visit a Denver chiropractor like Dr. Foss, D.C. to identify the source of the pain so a treatment plan can be established to include exercises specifically tailored to their conditions.

Different Exercises for Different Types of Pain

Exercising the lower back provides several important benefits like strengthening the muscles in the legs and stomach as well as the back. Some of the best exercises for the lower back include:

  • Partial Crunches
  • Hamstring Stretches
  • Wall Sits
  • Press-up Back Extensions
  • Bird Dog
  • Knee to Chest
  • Pelvic Tilts
  • Bridging
  • Light Weight Lifting
  • Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

Exercises for pain centralized in the middle and regions of the back are designed to alleviate the pain associated with years of back posture, a sprain or strain of the muscles, engaging in excessive or the performance of incorrect exercises, and slipped disc. Some of the most common exercises recommended for pain in the middle and upper regions of the back include:

  • Sitting Rotations
  • Chest Stretches
  • Cat Stretches
  • Leg Stretches
  • Backward Leg Swings
  • Sitting Toe Touches
  • Elbow Squeezes
  • Head Stretches

Without the proper treatment, the pain associated with back pain gets progressively worse as time goes on. The aging process adds to the frequency and the amount of back pain people experience. Bryan Foss, DC, and the experienced team at Cherry Creek Spine & Pain in Denver, CO can not only identify the origin of back pain through diagnostic and hands-on assessments, but can also devise an exercise regimen to alleviate pain, strengthen muscles, and help patients maintain a better quality of life.